14 in-demand jobs that pay over $100,000 and are hiring now

In 2018, workers quit their jobs at the highest rate in nearly two decades, with salary being one of their key motivating factors.

According to experts, workers who leave their old job for a new one see an average 15 percent increase in compensation. That’s why Glassdoor Chief Economist Andrew Chamberlain tells CNBC Make It quitting “is a smart move, as there’s a clear advantage to increasing your earning potential by switching jobs.”

LinkedIn created this list of the top jobs where you can make more money, looking at some of the most common roles listed on its platform and ranked each position based on salary, career advancement, number of job openings in the U.S., year-over-year job growth and widespread regional availability. The jobs on this list had the highest combined scores when measuring all five of these areas.

Take a look below to see which 14 positions promise career growth and a six-figure salary, according to LinkedIn:

  1. Product Owner
    Median base salary: $101,000
  2. Scrum Master
    Median base salary: $103,000
  3. Solutions Consultant
    Median base salary: $110,000
  4. Product Manager
    Median base salary: $121,000
  5. Information Technology Lead
    Median base salary: $121,000
  6. Product Designer
    Median base salary: $121,500

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  1. Engagement Manager
    Median base salary: $130,000

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  1. Data Scientist
    Median base salary: $130,000
  2. Product Marketing Manager
    Median base salary: $134,000
  3. Solutions Architect
    Median base salary: $139,000
  4. Cloud Architect
    Median base salary: $155,000
  5. Machine Learning Engineer
    Median base salary: $182,000
  6. Enterprise Account Executive
    Median base salary: $182,000
  7. Site Reliability Engineer
    Median base salary: $200,000